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We are Durham's leading choice in the installation and distribution of artificial turf. We supply home and business owners with an affordable solution to have a care free lawn. Creating a beautiful lawn with us gives you a weed free property, will also lower your water consumption and increase the value of our home.

Artificial Turf is maintenance free.


Tired of your pet destroying your lawn, Do you want to stop seeing yellow spots and holes all over your yard, what about all that mud and paw prints?

Contact us free quote to for a maintenance-free lawn all year round for you and your pet.


Tired of those grass stains of your children's clothes and what about those muddy clothes and shoes?
How about you start saying NO to mud and grass stains, say yes to a safe and cleaner play environment.

Install Artificial Turf and Under matting rated for up to a 6ft fall cushion, in your playground and have a stress free relaxing summer.
Contact us regarding our variety of many colours to choose from.


Looking to have a new sports field put in for your sport teams, whether it be for a recreational centre or your own personal property.
Our synthetic sports turf can be installed in both indoor and outdoor areas.
Contact us regarding your sports field and we will have you scoring goals in no time, we even install the goal posts.


Looking to de-stress after a long days work why not install one of our beautiful putting greens with the option of sand traps and water hazards.
make down time fun time.
We will even play a round with you after the install is completed.

Zeolite infill

The best synthetic turf infill for pet odor control. Whether you want to create a fresh and fun environment for your four legged friends or you want to enhance your residential, commercial, playground or sports field installations with a product that will maintain a scent free environment. Zeolite will help your turf stand taller, smell fresher and feel cooler. This product captures ammonia, the odor-causing chemical found in pet urine and prevents this chemical from turning into gas. Your synthetic grass landscape, sports field or playground will smell cleaner, stay fresher and cooler thanks to the Zeolite infill.

So how does it work? Zeolite captures the ammonia thus preventing the ammonia from turning into a gas which creates the unpleasant urine odor smell. Zeolite is a negatively charged honey-combed molecular structure which absorbs liquids and gases like a magnet which prevents ammonia from forming a gas. (The ammonia buildup in pet urine is what you typically associate with the smell.) This molecular structure holds the ammonia until the sodium ions (Na+) in rain water releases the magnetic ability which forces the odor causing bacteria into the ground ultimately "flushing out" the ammonia smell. The purity rate is the key component in the ability of the Zeolite turf infill to perform its intended function as an artificial grass infill.

Along with serving as a necessary infill element in your synthetic grass, Zeolite turf infill also cools your synthetic turf surface temperature. When you finish your synthetic grass with Zeolite turf infill, it absorbs heat from the available sunlight. It condenses the sunlight and through evaporation of the water along with transpiration from the earth’s surface to the atmosphere, the result is a cooler surface temperature.


Key Benefits of the Service

No more watering your lawn

No more re-sodding

No more muddy shoes, paws or holes in your yard

No more Lawnmowers, weedwackers or other lawn equipment

No more extension cords or gas cans

No more grass seed or fertilizers

 Extend your oasis with a beautiful Artificial Lawn

  Your property value increases many times initial value

All-round certified and insured landscapers

Our Landscapers attend annual training seminars

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